Wheyward Goat Cheese Co.


The Wheyward Goat Cheese Company is located at Hoodoo Valley Farm in Vay, ID and sits on 20 acres that backs up to forest service land. The farm is roughly 35 minutes from Sandpoint and 45 minutes from Coeur d’Alene. After a year of planning and building, it became a certified dairy with the Idaho Department of Agriculture in May of 2009. We started out with 10 does (milkers) growing slowly with each year. This year (2011) the herd has 20 does, 2 bucks and 14 doelings, with the hope of growing to a maximum of 40-50 does. It is run by Susanne Wimberley and a countless number of kind neighbors and friends that volunteer their time to help her keep up with the work load.